Our Mission

Since the beginning, we have worked to create multicultural environments across the world. We stand as the bridge between continents and aim to help our customers reach their international goals and live enriched, quality lives, beginning from the moment we meet and continuing throughout our whole relationship.



"As a business with true family values, we invite customers to Cyprus as friends and as part of our family"


Chairman's Message

The Cyprus’s Investment programs have succeeded in attracting High Net Worth Individuals to invest on the island and apply for Cyprus Permanent Residence and Citizenship, thus creating a large amount of Foreign Funds, which subsequently have boosted the competitiveness for some of the biggest industries on the island of Cyprus.

Since the restructuring of the Cyprus Permanent Residence and Citizenship programs we have seen a rise of the demand of inward investments year by year. The housing market has welcomed this constant rise of demand as the sector was directly benefited by the two programmes. Foreign investors have flocked the island in order to acquire a Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit or a Cyprus Citizenship.

This is an important year for our immigration programmes as on one side, awareness levels have reached adequate numbers so more and more people are looking to relocate to Cyprus and invest in Cyprus and on the other side there is the uncertainty of the programmes changing in the future. As pioneers of suggesting the Cyprus Immigration policy and the company to be one of the first to issue a Permanent Residence and Citizenship we were, are and still will be the amongst the leaders in the sector.

A great deal of honest and hard work undertaken by skilled industry professionals has brought our company to where it is today.

Everyone embraced the new flow of business coming in from Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in the best possible ways, hence positioning our policies as some of the most competitive programmes worldwide while at the same time signalling to the whole world that Cyprus is a safe and multicultural place to live as well as a perfect investment destination. We take big pride in being a part of these efforts to assist in helping our Economy and Promoting the island of Cyprus Internationally as well as enriching our multicultural living environment.

We will continue paving the way for foreign nationals to invest in our beautiful country.

Nick Antoniades

Founder and Chairman


Director’s Message

United Group was formed by uniting Mounraker Holdings Ltd with two of the islands largest construction development companies creating one of the most powerful development groups in Cyprus. The group partners hold the prestigious Class A construction license with the ability to build any size structure at incredible speed with the latest technology and equipment. Customers include McDonald’s international restaurant chain, supermarket chains, the American gas giants Halliburton installations in Cyprus, Cyprus Government civil and road works as well as the Limassol sewerage board installations, to mention a few. We pride ourselves in building freehold quality structures & homes taking into account the longest life of the property and the future of our client’s assets for generations to come.

Based in Cyprus on the Southeastern borders of Europe, as an international company, our wings span over many continents creating a vast network of specialized professionals covering all aspects of construction and development marketing with thousands of associates and partners around the world.

Bringing together years of experience, business integrity and an impeccable reputation, United strives in creating opportunities that last. With a current portfolio of over 30 projects, millions of square metres of real estate in the pipeline, the United is fast becoming established as one of the most dominant and successful development groups on the island of Cyprus.

Driven by our values, ideals and professionalism we continue to embrace new technology and innovative thinking, helping our customers settle into their new homes and new lives. United has opened up a new window in the sector, providing family office services to help investors manage their assets, settle into Cyprus, set up business, educate their children and all other aspects of investment and migration. Becoming a client of United means joining an elite club of services and a family oriented company that is young, dynamic and honest, using word of mouth as our strongest marketing tool.

At United we don’t just build homes, we build a way of life, and as we say United We Stand by you!

Tony Antoniades



Member of Ambassador of Tourism and United Group Director Tony Antoniades with the President of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation Mr Angelos Loizou


Who We Are

Working with the philosophy of bringing cultures closer together, our Chairman, Mr Nick Antoniades was first recognised for his efforts and contributions to Cyprus during 1974. Throughout his career, he has developed an outstanding reputation for business in Cyprus and internationally.

As a well-known businessman in Melbourne, Australia, Mr Nick Antoniades was awarded the first foreign language radio licenses from the Australian Prime Minister Mr Bob Hawke in 1990. Mr Nick Antoniades went on to create the first Greek and Chinese radio stations with his business partner Mr John Wong and afterwards, many other foreign language radio stations. Today he is recognised as a pioneer in the Australian media sector.


Mr Nick Antoniades with the first and famous President of the Republic of Cyprus,  Archbishop Makarios III


Mr Nick Antoniades with his business partner Mr John Wong and the Premier of Victoria Mr Jeff Kennett, at the launch of the first Chinese radio station in Melbourne, Australia


Mr Nick Antoniades pictured in the studio of the first foreign language radio station, 3GL, in 1962.


Mr Nick and Mrs Kathy Antoniades pictured with Australian Prime Minister Mr Bob Hawke receiving the licensing right for the foreign language radio in Australia. Mr Nick Antoniades went on to create the first Greek and Chinese radio station amongst other languages


"We’ve worked towards bringing cultures together from the beginning"


Mr Nick Antoniades also owned and operated 4 leisure cruise ships in Cyprus and later on, his cargo ship named the ‘Anton’, which was famous for securing large scale contracts. The most famous, a contract with The Red Cross in the early 1980s. The ‘Anton’ became the only ship authorised to carry aid in the Mediterranean at the time.


Mr Nick Antoniades pictured with the ‘Anton’



United Chairman and Directors with Mr Yaping Wang the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy


Tony Antoniades with the Chinese Ambassdor in Cyprus Mr Huang Xingyuan

In 2011 our Chairman began a series of talks with the Cyprus government to suggest changes to the current immigration laws in Cyprus. After the restructuring of the policy, we arranged events in China promoting the Cyprus Investment programme. We were joined by the Cyprus Embassy and had great support from the Cyprus government and their positivity towards the programme. We were also joined by 12 other businesses from Cyprus. We were interviewed by Chinese and Cyprus news outlets and were covered by many newspapers and magazines. The launches were very successful and later we became one of the first groups to help a foreign national obtain his Immigration Permit.


Immigration Policy Introduction with SouFun.com, 2011


Promoting the Immigration Policy in Beijing, 2012


The United team welcoming the Chinese Guan football team to Cyprus


Our cultural trip to the Presidential Palace, Nicosia with President Nicos Anastasiades’s wife, Mrs Andri Anastasiades