We take client legal protection very seriously

We tell our clients what no other developer is willing to say because we are a 100% transparent company that always delivers. As the pioneers of the Cyprus immigration industry and the longest running company in the sector we are and will be around for many years to come because of our core values and beliefs, as well as our business methods, ethics and honesty.


It's a priority for us to inform our clients on what to look out for and help them make the necessary due diligence, through our legal partners, to ensure they are completely protected.

United offers its clients the first and most important step to financial security by being a financially solvent company and with no exposure to the banks, as many of the large developers in Cyprus are. Many developers in Cyprus owe millions to the government in back taxes and VAT, something that will affect the future ownership of your properties.

  1. Financially solvent Developer, not risking your investment
  2. Completing projects on time, removing all the risk from you by receiving payments in stages of construction for off plan property
  3. Mortgage Free properties
  4. Guaranteed title deeds with an amount of 1% withheld as full guarantee for the client that title deed will be issued
  5. Land Registry Check to establish any liabilities, memos, incumbencies, mortgages or any other outstanding amounts associated with the property/Company
  6. Due Diligence/Company search to taxation department and VAT department for exposure from the developer
  7. Certify all the building permits and licences are in place for the purchase of the project as specified. This will lead to the issuance of the title deed.
  8. Property quality and certification quality. This is something that the Class A building licence can offer and something that United Construction can control.
  9. Property purchases and all payments are made through the lawyer’s client account and all the above are checked and confirmed before any funds are released to the developer.
  10. Property search to establish and confirm it has never been registered or purchased by any other party or in current ownership of another party.
  11. Property contract of sale registration will take place by the lawyer. Once this is done funds will be released to developers account, securing you the purchaser 100%. Property registration is non-reversible unless both the seller and buyer consent in writing to withdraw and release the property and/or a Cyprus court decides to do so with just cause.
  12. For citizenship investors a bank guarantee is issued until the successful approval of your Cyprus Citizenship, this is why united can give you a 100% money back guarantee.
  13. Many clients are approached in Cyprus at hotels and on the street being offered properties for sale at lower prices. This has resulted in clients purchasing properties with many problems from unreliable developers and cases have been reported to the Cyprus ministry of foreign affairs and also to the Cyprus police. Some of the victims have been tricked into buying properties that have been sold to more then one person, problems with title deeds, construction quality problems and bad workmanship, large mortgages on property, government memos for taxation as well as many more risks.



Contact us and join the United family today, we always look out for our clients and friends best interests, protecting your assets, investment and families future for many years to come.

United we stand by you!