The Cyprus Citizenship programme enables investors and their families to receive a Cyprus European passport when they make an investment in Cyprus. The investment must total at least €2,000,000 +VAT and include a private residence with a value of at least €500,000 +VAT. Within three months the application will be approved and in six months, investors can be expected to receive their passports. This includes three generations: The investor, the investor's spouse, the investor's parents and the investor's minor or adult children.  


The Cyprus Passport

The Cyprus Passport is ranked 12th best in the world. Cyprus Citizens are entitled to visa-free travel to 157 countries and can live, work or study anywhere in Europe. After an investment, it takes 3 months to approve a Cyprus Citizenship and 6 months to process the passport.


The Advantages


Freedom to live, work and educate your children anywhere within the EU


Travel visa-free to more than 157 countries


Passports are issued to the whole family


Parents of the investor can be included*


Financially dependent adult children up to the age of 28 can be included**


Citizenships are approved after 3 months of application and processed in 6 months


There are no physical residency requirements


There are no requirements for medical tests


There are no language proficiency tests needed


Cyprus allows dual citizenship


Citizenship is passed on by descent, offering a legacy to future generations


No tax consequences unless you opt to become a tax resident


After 3 years investors can liquidate their assets recuperating their investment*


Cyprus is a member state of the European Union with great respect of human rights and personal freedom


Low corporate tax, comprehensive double tax treaty network and no inheritance tax


Quickly and cost effectively obtain visas for other countries, such as the USA


Enables business access to 500 million EU Citizens


*The main applicant's parents are included with an additional purchase of residential property with a value of at least €500,000 +VAT.

**This applies if students are in full time education. Children with disabilities are entitled at any age.

**Investors must, however, maintain ownership of a private residence with a minimum value of €500,000 +VAT.

The Financial Requirements




Investment in Residential Real Estate in Cyprus




Investment in Residential & Commercial Real Estate in Cyprus




Investment in Residential Real Estate & Establishment of a Company in Cyprus




Investment in Residential Real Estate & Purchase of Shares in a Company in Cyprus

The Application Process


Month 1

After the investment has been paid in full, the main applicant (the investor) and his/her spouse submit all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Interior reviews the application and grants a ‘Citizenship Confirmation’ letter.

The main applicant and his/her spouse travel to Cyprus to provide Biometric data for a Permanent Residence permit.

5 days later, Permanent Residence cards are available to be sent to the main applicants

Month 3

3 months after the Date of Issue registered on the Citizenship Confirmation letter, the Citizenship is approved by the Ministry of Interior. The main applicant and his/her spouse are Citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

Month 6

6 months after the Date of Issue registered on the Permanent Residence cards, the main applicant and his/her spouse are able to travel to Cyprus to swear the oath of allegiance, provide new biometrics and collect their Cyprus European passport.

Minor children are fast tracked and can expect to receive their Cyprus passports around 15 days after the main applicant.


We encourage applicants to complete the steps as soon as they become available for a faster application

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We also offer a Permanent Residence Programme

The programme allows investors and their families to obtain Permanent Residence Permits of Cyprus with an investment of only €300,000. The permits are issued in just 2 months and have many benefits.


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