The Permanent Residence programme enables investors and their families to receive a lifelong permanent residency when they purchase a residential property in Cyprus with a value of at least €300,000 +VAT. Within two months of application, investors and their families can obtain the Permanent Residence permit. This includes three generations: The investor, his/her spouse, his/her parents and his/her minor children. The permit can also be given to financially dependent children in full time education (up to the age of 25) or children who are financially dependent due to disabilities (at any age).


The Cyprus Permanent Residence Card

The Cyprus Permanent Residence Card is the only European Residence Card that is valid for life, it only takes 2 months to obtain one and there are no living requirements


The Advantages


Permanent residence permits are issued to the whole family


Financially dependent adult children from 18 to 25 can be included


The investor’s parents and parents-in-law can be included


Permanent residence permit is issued in just 2 months


The permanent residence permit is unlimited and valid for life


There are no physical residency requirements, only one visit is required every 2 years


There are no requirements for medical tests


There are no language proficiency tests needed


No tax consequences unless you opt to become a tax resident


Private English school education or free public school education


After 7 years, you’re entitledto a Cyprus EU passport


After 5 years, you can upgrade to enjoy all the benefits of an EU national


Freehold property investment


Property owners don’t pay immovable property tax


Easy travel and visas to Europe 


The Financial Requirements




Investment in Residential Real Estate in Cyprus


3 Year Fixed Term Deposit into a Cyprus Bank Account



Fixed Annual Income of the Investor



Additional Income per Dependent

The Application Process


Month 1

The application for Permanent Residence can be submitted by the main applicant simultaneously with the rest of the family once €200,000 +VAT of the property value has been paid and all the necessary documents have been provided. The applicants then receive a proof of submission letter

Month 2

Two months later the applicants are issued a letter of approval from the Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department.

All applicants are required to visit Cyprus to provide biometric data and collect their Permanent Residence Card

We encourage applicants to complete the steps as soon as they become available for a faster application

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