Our Education Department

A message from our
Head of Education

Dear Friends, 

It’s a pleasure to introduce to you an excellent opportunity for your children’s future. As an education director, but also as a mother I know what is important and what a child needs to secure a stable future, but also to help groom your children into their best selves to take on this ever changing and challenging world.

Cyprus is a great place, it is safe, secure and offers an excellent education opportunity. We will show you impressive statistics proving Cyprus is the best country to educate your children and help them become fluent in the English language. Statistically Cyprus is one of the best destinations for education in Europe. Your children will be able to have a high standard of education from a Cambridge University Fellowship Centre, all from the safety and comfort of Cyprus whilst at the same time securing a Permanent Residence for the whole family. 

United is once again a pioneer in children’s education, taking the real needs of a parent and their busy schedule into consideration. We will help you place your child in an excellent educational establishment along with our homestay services. We offer the homestay service to children over twelve years of age. For younger children our immigration policy allows parents or grandparents to accompany and live with their children in a beautiful country like Cyprus.

There are many personal benefits of studying abroad, your child becomes mature, independent, resilient, aware and confident. It will be one of the most enriching, fulfilling and educationally stimulating experiences of their entire life.

United is a family orientated company with many years of experience. We offer the best family office services and will always be available to assist you and your children in any and every way, as well as managing your investment.

From one parent to another you can feel confident that United will always be there for you. In this booklet you will receive all the information you need, as well as real life cases of our clients and children who are at present benefiting from the education programme. 

I look forward to meeting you personally in Cyprus. 

Kathy Antoniades

Head of the United Education Department


"From one parent to another you can feel confident that United will always be there for you"


Our Collaborators

A message from the Director of The Heritage Private School

Dear Parents,

I would personally like to extend a sincere welcome to all of the families who are considering relocating to Cyprus and enrolling their children at our school.

The Heritage Private School is a caring community which strives to enrich the development of education and skills, and help all students reach their full potential. Our primary concern is the achievement of high standards and the delivery of quality education in all aspects, and at every level; we are therefore committed to a rigorous academic programme leading to university entrance. We fully advise, support, and assist students on an individual basis with their higher education applications, aiming to help each student find the best university place that is most closely matched to their personal profile and qualifications. We are pleased to have Heritage graduates now studying at many leading universities in the UK, Europe, the USA and worldwide.

Alongside our academic aims, we seek to nurture in our students a true desire to study and learn within an environment that is friendly, but also orderly, where relationships between students and teachers are based on mutual trust and respect. We encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning, and to always be proud of their efforts and achievements. We also support students in developing personal values to guide them throughout life, to help them to become well-rounded, responsible, international citizens, well-prepared for the many opportunities that the future holds.

Every year The Heritage Private School excels in academic results, new initiatives, and participation in many national, European and international events and projects. I strongly believe that our school is an exceptional place of learning, of culture and, indeed, for making new and lasting friendships, and I am confident that your children will settle in quickly and well, as have many of the Chinese students who have already joined us. It is very rewarding to see their hardworking approach to their studies, their motivation, and their rapid progress.

We are delighted with our thriving school, the active role that it plays in the life of the local and wider community, the range of opportunities we are able to offer the students and of the many successes we all achieve together.

I therefore warmly invite you to entrust the education and pastoral care of your children to our dedicated team, and share the benefits of our superb modern facilities, excellent teaching and beautiful location.

Dr Kypros Kouris, PhD, CPhys, FIPEM

Director/Secondary School Headteacher


"We are pleased to have Heritage graduates now studying at many leading universities in the UK, Europe, the USA and worldwide"




At United, we offer the option for a safe, secure and carefully selected homestay in Cyprus for your children to get a chance to begin their European education. The families we pick as hosts are highly trusted and all go through stringent qualification proceduresto become part of our programme. All of our host families speak English, giving your children the opportunity to progress their English skills at home as well as at school. With us right behind you as guidance you can personally handpick your host family. The host families must adhere to strict accommodation requirements, as well as criminal record checks. They are also interviewed personally by United Homestay staff and by our Head of Education, Mrs Kathy Antoniades.

A fortnightly inspection at the accommodation and meetings with the children take place in the first 2 months and later become monthly. The children and host families are invited to all United events, and keep a constant relationship with United. The well being of your children is a top priority for United and we are available to help whenever needed. We aim to provide constant communication, a great relationship and help for you and your children to excel both academically and socially. We create and maintain WeChat groups for students, the host family, your family and us to openly discuss and chat. There is a United professional assigned to every WeChat group.

Dr Kouris at The Heritage Private School holding a copy of the book he co-authored on physics

Dr Kouris at The Heritage Private School holding a copy of the book he co-authored on physics


The Heritage Private School – a leading private school in Cyprus – and United are collaborating to offer our clients an excellent educational opportunity. The Heritage’s award-winning status and extremely high standard of education make it the perfect school to teach your children. We can fully guide you through the process of your child joining the school.

On moving over to Cyprus, United and The Heritage focus on giving your children the ability to reach a level of English that will prepare them for future education. This means your children can be given the opportunity to develop their English in a welcoming and exciting environment. We can ensure that a close relationship with The Heritage is maintained, and your child’s progress monitored.

We have stayed beside many students of ours and watched over them as their linguistic, academic and social skills developed and improved. In this brochure, you’ll find one of our student’s stories, where she discusses her experiences and tells us about her life in Cyprus.

An Introduction to Education in Cyprus

Cyprus has built a reputation internationally for the development of its education sector. In 2004 when Cyprus joined the EU, the amount of students doubled, creating an educational centre point in the Mediterranean. Today, around 30% of students in Cyprus are foreign, opening the door to opportunities to build the sector further.

Cyprus also adopted the highest standards of quality in education, The Ministry of Education and Culture has harmonized the educational system of Cyprus with the European standards & guidelines. Cypriot educational institutes actively participate in EU programmes, like the Eurydice Network and the ERASMUS program. 

One of it’s advantages is Cyprus’ widespread knowledge of the English language. More than 75% of local residents are able to speak English, enabling a great environment for students with linguistic focuses to thrive.

Cyprus is an extremely multicultural island and a lot of other language opportunities are available. It’s common to hear a multitude of languages being spoken and not unusual to meet multilingual people, particularly within schools and institutions, giving children the chance to interact and develop familiarities for other cultures.


  • 14 all day compulsory and 113 all day voluntary pre-primary schools
  • 47 public and 173 private pre-primary schools
  • 334 public and 28 private primary schools
  • 9 public primary schools for children with special needs
  • 122 public and 38 private secondary school
  • 5 public institutions of higher education
  • 30 private institutions of higher education (colleges)
  • 3 public universities, including one open university
  • 5 private universities

The System

Pre-Primary School

Age 3 to 5


Primary School

Age 5 to 11


Secondary School

Age 12 to 18


All public schools in Cyprus are free, and children begin their 13 years of compulsory education at the age of 5. With such a high percentage of students going on to study in higher education, secondary schools plan, support and prepare for university admissions.

1st in Europe


Percentage of the population at working age who have acquired higher education


Percentage of the population between 15-64 years old have acquired a Bachelor’s or PhD Degree


2nd in Europe


Population aged 20–24 years old who have completed at least secondary education


Percentage of the population between 30-40 years old have acquired higher education


All sources derived from Eurostat

Higher Education in Cyprus

The partnerships between leading UK Universities and Cyprus Colleges and Universities opens up access to talented students from around the world to pursue their education. Such partnerships are encouraged by the European Commission through its directives on inter-university collaboration across the member states of the European Union.

Partnerships Running in Cyprus


St George’s, University of London, the only specialist medical and healthcare higher education institution in the United Kingdom, and the University of Nicosia, the largest university in Cyprus, have joined forces to offer the St George’s MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) programme in Nicosia, Cyprus. They also offer the following degrees: MD Degree, MBBS Degree and MSc Family Medicine.


Alexander College works in partnership with the University of the West of England in Bristol (UWE Bristol) and is the only college authorized to offer UWE Bristol Undergraduate and Postgraduate UK degree courses in Cyprus. Since the partnership commenced in 2012, the University has remained the “highest ranking UK University offering degree courses in Cyprus”


The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus), is located in Pyla, Larnaka, and is the only university in the country that can offer students the advantage of an honours or postgraduate degree recognised both in the UK and in Cyprus; truly international qualifications to enhance employability at home and overseas.


Available Courses in Cyprus


Accounting and Finance (BA) 
Applied Multimedia (BA) 
Architecture (BA) 


Business Administration – Tourism (BA) 
Business Administration (BA, MBA) 
Business Studies (BA, MBA) 


Clinical Psychology (BSc, MSc,PhD) 
Communications (BA) 
Computer engineering (BSc) 
Computer Science (BA) 
Computer Science (BSc, MSc, PhD) 
Computer Studies (BA) 
Counteraction to Crime and Public Order Protection (BA) 
Criminology (BA) 
Customs Intelligence and Investigations (MA) 


Dance (BA) 


Educational Leadership (MA) 
Electrical Engineering (BSc) 
Energy, Oil and Gas Management (BA) 
English Language and Literature (BA) 
European Public Project Management (MA) 
European Studies and International Relations (MA, PhD) 
Events Management (BA) 


Fine Arts (BA) 
Fire Safety and Population Protection (BA) 


Graphic Communications (BA) 
Graphic Design (BA, MA) 


Hospitality Management (BA) 
Hotel Administration (BA) 
Hotel Management (BA) 
Human Biology (BSc) 
Human Resource Management (BA) 


Information Systems and Technologies (MA)
Interior Design (BA, MA) 
International Business (BA) 


Landscape Architecture (BA) 
Law (BA) 
Leisure and Tourism Management (MA) 


Management Information System (BA) 
Marketing (BA) 
MBA in Tourism
Media and Communication (MA, PhD) 
Music (BA) 


Nursing (BSc) 
Nutrition and Dietetics (BSc) 


Office Management 


Photography (BA, MA) 
Psychology and Psychopathology of Development (MA) 
Public Administration and European Integration (MA) 
Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing (BA) 


Social Work (BA) 
Sports Management (BA) 
Sports Science (BSc)


Travel and Tourism Management (BA)


The Heritage Private School

About The Heritage

The Heritage Private School, founded in 1987, is set in landscaped grounds and presents an impressive sight in the hills along the main Limassol to Troodos road. The School is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus and provides a UK-curriculum education for students in the age range 2 to 18. It has over 1000 culturally diverse students on roll deriving from a wide variety of backgrounds and making up 40 different nationalities.

The staff are well-qualified, experienced and highly motivated, and pastoral care of the students is also given a high priority. Academic progress, personal and social development, and good self-discipline are all key aspects of the ethos at The Heritage. The School is a Cambridge International Fellowship Centre, an Examination Centre for Cambridge International Examinations and Pearson Edexcel International Examinations, an ECDL Approved Test Centre, and an Examination Centre for Anglia Examinations England.



The Heritage offers a wide range of subjects for students to take part in, plus many extracurricular activities. The 2014 National Curriculum for England is followed, leading up to IGCSEs, and A Levels, and in the Primary School it is taught alongside the Cambridge Primary Curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science. All teaching and assessments are in English and limited class sizes give a high level of attention and support for each student. Regular homework and the option of extra after-school classes consolidate and enhance learning. All students are helped and encouraged to reach their full potential.  


The Heritage Private School is proud to be the only school in Cyprus to hold the current accreditation of the prestigious British Council International School Award. The qualifications that Heritage students achieve are internationally recognized, and every year its students receive Outstanding Cambridge and Pearson Learner Awards.

Some of the top awards achieved by our students:


Highest Mark in the world

GCE A Level Government & Politics

GCE A Level Fine Art

GCE A Level Photography


Highest Mark in Europe

GCE A Level Further Mathematics


Highest International Subject Mark

GCSE Greek

GCE A Level French

GCE A Level Russian


Top in the world

IGCSE First Language Russian

IGCSE Foreign Language Italian

First in Cyprus

Best Across Cambridge IGCSEs


Top in Cyprus

IGCSE First Language English

IGCSE English as a Second Language

IGCSE Biology

IGCSE Mathematics

IGCSE Physics

IGCSE Geography

IGCSE Foreign Language French

AS Level Computing

A Level Business Studies

A Level Literature in English


Highest Subject Mark in Cyprus


Every year many of our students win other Outstanding Learner Awards including for ‘High Achievement’.



The innovatively-designed school buildings contain modern, well-lit classrooms with interactive whiteboards, heating and air conditioning, and creative displays of work. There are well-stocked libraries, fully-equipped ICT labs, drama studios, and a cafeteria providing a large healthy menu to suit many dietary requirements. The School also has a state-of-the-art Multifunction Hall, a 1200 seat outdoor Amphitheatre, and a Stadium area with excellent sports facilities, including a full-size FIFA Star 1 football pitch.