Making History

We are one of the first company to guide investors to acquire a Cyprus citiznehsip and Permanent Residence Permit successfully. Our Chairman Mr Nick Antoniades and our Managing Director, Mr Tony Antoniades have handled hundreds of Cyprus Permanent Residence and Cyprus Citizenship applications throughout their careers. These factors put us on the forefront of Immigration Services in Cyprus and showcase our vast experience and expertise in the sector. We take pride in being a part of a tremendous impact on the people of Cyprus and we will continue to bridge cultural gaps and provide immigration services through a positive economic scope.

One of the strong pillars of our success is our immigration power and expertise. We have pioneered in this sector, and it was our Chairman, Nick Antoniades who gave the strong insights and consultation to the Government of Cyprus so the government could go on and create the Cyprus Investment Programs.


"The programmes have been so successful that they have upgraded some of the most crucial industries of Cyprus as well as created thousands of job openings."



Approval Rate

2 months

to receive a
Permanent Residence

6 months

to Receive Cyprus Citizenship

Receive your Cyprus Citizenship in 6 months


Enjoy a lifelong Residence Permit in one of the safest countries in the world