What's the fastest way to get a European Citizenship?

It seems the last few years we have seen a shift in global relocation. The traditional immigration countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and UK have been getting harder and harder and more expensive for individuals to migrate and also time consuming. For some business people its just not an option to get up and live in a country for years to become a citizen, however they still feel they need the security of a second passport or residence, weather it be for visa free travel and further easier access to the world, political stability, education for children, safety, quality of life and many other reasons. In fact now it seems that European Immigration policies are spreading fast throughout Europe allowing money to come to the continent through various methods of investment. Some examples are as following: 
Cyprus Permanent Residence program from only €300,000 investment in real estate. 
Portugal Golden Visa program also investment of €500,000 in real estate.
Greece Residence Visa €250,000 investment in real estate. 

And the list goes on, however the king of all programs at the moment that has gained the worlds attention is the Cyprus European Passport Policy. Why is it the king?!?! Simple. It’s fast, does not have living requirements, no language requirements and it’s not that expensive for HNWI. The Cyprus European Passport program starts from an investment of 2 million euro in residential real estate. The program has no donations or complicated procedures, its simple. All you need to do is make the investment and provide a few documents proving who you are.
There are professional offices on the island that have been processing Cyprus Permanent Residence applications and Cyprus European Passport applications for years. The pioneers in the industry are the United Group, in 2010 the Chairman and CEO Mr. Nick and Tony Antoniades were the first to suggest to the government of Cyprus to make favourable changes to the existing policies such as not requiring applicants to live in Cyprus for a minimum of 6 months. It had to be simple as Cyprus was not a traditional immigration country, and it had to be fast, a few months for the whole procedure maximum. Mr. Andreas Assiotis who at the time was the Director of the ministry of interior listened and pushed through the necessary changes. The Cyprus European program came into being in May 2013, after Cyprus took a big hit on its banking sector. Today it has resulted in over 4.4 billion investment and more then 2000 passports issued. Its easy to apply. Cyprus is a great place to invest now with its economy having one of the fastest recorded increases in Europe in the last two years and its safe to park your money. The Cyprus European Passport program is fast. Your Cyprus citizenship is approved in just 3 months from when you pay in full for your investment, during this time you will receive a Cyprus Permanent Residence Card and in just 6 months after issuing of your card, you can travel to Cyprus and complete the procedures to receive your passport. It’s fast and easy and your investment is safe with plenty of options to choose from. The Cyprus European Passport program allows you a number of investment options to choose from such as;
Investment of Residential Real Estate €2,000,000
Investment in Residential and commercial real estate, the investment increases by €500,000 to €2,500,000. 
Investment in residential real estate and Cyprus Company €2,500,000
Investment in Residential real estate and Government bonds of up to €500,000 and or stocks shares etc €2,500,0000
In all the above options you are required to purchase and maintain a private residence in Cyprus with a minimum value of 500,000euro. 

For the remaining investment you are allowed to liquidate and recuperate your funds after 3 years. The program includes the whole family and children up to the age of 28 if they are in full time education and dependent on the main applicant. Also the parents of the main applicant can be included with an additional purchase of a residential property in Cyprus with a minimum value of €500,000. 

The Cyprus passport allows Visa free travel to 159 countries around the world as well as the right to live in any one of the 28 counties of Europe as well as Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Denmark. 

The program however has been under scrutiny by other EU countries and will not be around for very long, so if you’re looking to become a world citizen make the move today and invest in Cyprus.