Record-breaking May for tourist arrivals in Cyprus!

The Cyprus Statistical Service has recently collected data showing another record-breaking month.

Tourist arrivals in May 2017 in Cyprus reached record-breaking numbers according to the Cyprus Statistical Service. Last May numbers reached 364,943 tourists and this May showed an increase of almost 15% with 418,732 tourists arriving here in Cyprus.

The sandy pathway to the mini-island at Nissi Beach, Cyprus. 'Nissi' is the Greek word for 'island'.

The sandy pathway to the mini-island at Nissi Beach, Cyprus. 'Nissi' is the Greek word for 'island'.

Cyprus has welcomed a new flow of tourists from Israel this year with the number of tourist arrivals compared with last year has increase by 93%. We’ve also seen a 55% increase in German tourists and a 20% increase in British tourists. On the contrary, we welcomed less visitors from Greece in 2017, but with numbers only dropping by 6% compared to 2016.

The key sources of tourism for Cyprus are arrivals from the UK and from Russia, and this year they made up 37% and 27% of all visitors. Most of these visitors choose Cyprus as a place to relax, take a holiday and soak up the sun. According to the statistics, 85% of arrivals are here for holidays.

Last year when the Statistical Service recorded their data, they’d concluded that from January to May 842,126 tourists visited Cyprus. This year, numbers reached 990,756 and broke the record for the most amount of visitors in the first 5 months of the year in Cyprus. These figures have led the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) to expect 2017 to be a record-breaking year, far exceeding the 3.2 million arrivals that 2016 welcomed.

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